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Free Food

Food, sharing a meal, cooking a feast for friends…

It has always been about creating community, relationships, experiences, and memories. It is such a fundamental part of our social lives, that it forces us to compromise our own physical health. All of us have at some point struggled to find the right balance between food and its impact on our wellbeing.

Food should overwhelm the senses, it should inspire, and it should form connections between people. Most importantly it should make you feel nourished, and no matter where you are in the world, it should be able to do all this in an ethically responsible manner. Food needs to be good for the mind, body, soul, and planet.

For me, whether it’s fine-dining or home-cooking, food always needs to be visually appealing; this is probably the artist in me. You eat first with your eyes, and I’m not just talking about making your followers jealous on Instagram. Food is another form of artistic expression, and this will always be a heavy influencer on the kind of cooking you will find here.

Finally, despite winning just about every CWA cake competition through out high school, I have never been much of a sweet tooth. Pastry is exciting for all my artistic sensibilities, but in the end I will always order and create a dish or experience all about the umami.

An easy way to boost the savoury notes and avoid additional sugars is the use of herbs and spices. I always have a jar of dukkah on hand, which makes the simplest combination of vegetables etc super tasty and a little interesting.  Here’s one of my recipes for the one I make most often. Sprinkle over just about anything, including your breakie smashed avo – yum!


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