My Cheat’s Bolognese

The cooler weather is definitely a little harder to shake as we get further into spring. And sometimes there’s nothing better to warm the tummy than a big bowl of spaghetti bolognese. I know that for me, I usually only crave a meal like that when it’s near the end of the work week. You know, when you least feel like putting in all that effort to make a perfect bolognese sauce. So here you have my cheat’s bolognese! It is ready in under 20 minutes.

It will likely become a family favourite in no time. Or maybe like my sister you’ll be requesting it every week. It’s simple. It’s ridiculously tasty. And it is the truest of comfort foods. But in literally a quarter of the time. 

My cheat’s bolognese recipe utilises your leftovers from that beef brisket you prepared at the beginning of the week. Not only is this great for reducing food waste. But it also means, you don’t even have to wait for the meat to cook. You just toss it through the sauce at the end to warm it up.  It really couldn’t be quicker or easier or yummier! And if you’d prefer no spaghetti, I love this just as much with zucchini noodles or zoodles. Get into it!



Elena Duggan