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There’s so much fun to be had with young people, especially during the school holidays, and craft and cooking are right at the top of my list.  So why not combine the two?! Let’s get cooking with kids and create some gifts, then package and decorate the gifts to share the love these holidays.  Keeping little hands and minds busy is educational, therapeutic, joyful and connected.  This is a win-win, less stressful gift shopping when the kids are making presents and who doesn’t love something homemade, from the heart that has taken time and effort?!

Here are a handful of tips for keeping little hands busy:

  1. Utilise recycled glass jars of all shapes and sizes for long-shelf-life products such as Granola, Dukkah, Guilt-Free Choc Berry Bark.
  2. Cover your table or workspace in a newspaper for easy cleaning at the end.
  3. Use stamps and stickers, especially for the kidlets who are not quite writing or drawing yet.
  4. Use handprints and finger painting as gift-wrapping.
  5. Use ready-made blank gift tags and cards that the kids can colour, paint or glue onto.
  6. Use blank gift bags that are a perfect blank canvas.
  7. Create cut out paper snowflakes that can be a part of the craft or act as a stencil for painting onto something else.
  8. Limit the use of colour to just a handful, for easily colour-themed gift-wrapping.
  9. Set yourselves up with a variety of activities suited to all ability levels, so that everyone can contribute.
  10. Set up little workstations with a variety of activities so that kids have to get up and move around occasionally.

A list of other season celebration, holiday friendly, Cooking with Kids Recipes can be found here:

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