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About Elena

About Elena

Elena’s undeniable passion and creativity comes from a combination of her two foremost loves in life; art and food. Surrounded by incredible artists and inspirational cooks, Elena’s creative instincts were actively encouraged and nurtured whilst growing up. 

Like her Opa, she had a camera in her hands from the age of four, and like her Dad, she was catching and preparing seafood feasts for her family by the time she was seven.

Elena spent her childhood on the Noosa River, taking an active interest in the family’s scuba diving business, this coastal lifestyle provided an abundance of beautiful, fresh seafood; you could say that this is where her journey into the wonderful world of food began.

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Since MasterChef…

In the months since MasterChef Elena hasn’t stopped! She is a woman on a mission – to inspire and educate all her fellow foodies to find sustainable, healthy and flavour-rich ways of incorporating food into their lives.

A great deal of time and energy has been spent creating this wonderful website – bringing to fruition her vision of a complete cooking resource, a place to find delicious recipes, top tips, reflections, memories, ideas and solutions; a complete food community. 

Elena has been a part of some very rewarding charity work for organisations such as FebFast and Cancer Council Australia.

But this hardly covers what has been the most exhilerating and exciting year of her life. 

What I Care About

I feel privileged to have been born in a country so plentiful and abundant with respect to its natural produce, so it is part of my duty as a chef, a member of my community, and as a human, to do whatever I can to protect and encourage environmentally mindful food consumption. Sustainability and health are my first priorities, and I aim to provide as much information on both through not only my cooking but my partnerships as well.


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