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We can call this dish, Hummus with Spiced Lamb, Hummus b’lahmeh or Loaded Hummus. As far as hummus is concerned you can’t go wrong, but you can go even more right, which is what we’ve done here. Whilst it’s more common in Australia for us to treat hummus as a dip to serve with vegetable crackers, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, I stand firm, in other parts of the world it’s a whole meal.  This Hummus with Spiced Lamb is just that, its even more delicious, filling, moreish, fun, and interactive than regular hummus, who would have even thought it was possible.  You can load this with whatever you want, but the spiced, caramelised, gnarly bits of gorgeous mince lamb in this one complimented by the sharp pomegranate and fresh mint is definitely a dang fine place to start!  Give this a go!

My Notes on Lamb Mince

  • Mince lamb is incredibly versatile in terms of cooking methods as well as cuisine style, think of koftas, bolognese, pie filling, hummus topping, rissoles, chili, sausage rolls – the sky is the limit!
  • Mince lamb is budget-friendly, and especially for families, you can make a little go quite far. You can add vegetables and flavouring to bulk it out adding to its nutrition and quantity.
  • For busy families, finished mince dishes freeze quite well, cook in bulk so you can defrost when you’re time-poor!


Family Food, Fancy Food, Fast Food, Fat Foot, Free Food

Vegan Mousse with Tangelo

Vegan Mousse I here you say?! Yes, it’s true! And… with Vegan Jellies too! With a hint or three of citrus and spice and all things nice!

For all you vegans out there, this is for you! For all you non-vegans that think they ‘couldn’t possibly’, you should try this! And for those of you who like to tease, make fun of or laugh at vegans – you should shut your mouth, with this dessert, and swallow hard because everyone deserves dessert!!! Right, let’s get into it!

As per usual, gluten free, grain free and refined sugar-free, this dessert may actually be too good, to be true! For other intolerant friendly desserts check out my Valentine’s Day entry.


Fancy Food

Depending on where you’re from, will potentially determine your opinion on the origin of the pavlova. Personally, I love that this dessert is so delicious and such a crowd favourite, that there is an ongoing debate; because everyone wants to claim it as their own, everyone wants to take the credit. A favourite in my house is keeping it super simple with a mountain of fresh, blushing berries on top of that crumbly framed, marshmallowy base.

But, being so rich in sugar it is definitely a sometimes food rather than an everyday staple. But, if we were to make it a bit better for us, maybe it could be a slightly more regular dessert on offer?! Like if we were making it sugar-free, perhaps! Boo to all you naysayers, it can be done! So here are two recipes for you, a favourite of mine infused with lemon myrtle for a slightly more Australian version. The second, a sugar-free base, which sure, doesn’t have an identical texture, but it’s pretty close and is definitely more inclusive to our party guests who don’t want or need that sugar spike.

You can decorate with sunshine warm, yellow bright, mango flesh atop its creamy whipped, best friend. There’s just something so special about fresh summer fruit with billowy clouds of pure white cream that is just so satisfying. Weiss bars successfully captured evoking childhood memories with this sensational combination. For extra crunch and a toasty depth of flavour, sprinkle over some macadamia nuts, a contributor to our country’s most lucrative horticultural exports. For a fresh, eye-popping, textural explosion, add some fruity, natural, finger lime caviar. These are available in a most spectacular rainbow of colours, more variation than any other citrus, just gorgeous. Stone fruit a summer favourite and pair beautifully with the mango. Or keep it year-round friendly by sprinkling over your favourite frozen berries!

Wherever you’re from, make this wonderful dessert your own, your way, with your favourite ingredients. Kiwifruit, strawberries, passionfruit are all brilliant classics, but why don’t you give my new look pavlovas a go, they are awesome.


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