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Choose Your Own Lunchtime Adventures

I didn’t mind a ‘choose your own adventure book’ when I was a kid, and then re-reading it and trying to exhaust every possible outcome. I guess chance and gambling was fun, but I still liked control – ha! Similarly, with ingredients, I like to explore every avenue and flavour combination, keeping my lunchtime meals interesting, vibrant and exciting. Allowing myself a break to mindfully chew, enjoy and nourish my body for the afternoon of work ahead, and if shared with others, step away from the usual work discussion, have a quick social chat and connect with a fellow human who probably equally needs a break and a recharge.

Heading back to work after holidays, and in particular preparing lunches after all the holiday feasting may seem like a drag, too much effort and just another thing to be stressed about. So why not make it a little more fun, a little light-hearted and a collaborative effort – share the drag, I mean, share the lunch-love! Splitting up the effort it takes can reduce everyone’s workload. Sharing the joy of food and conversation can be uplifting, reenergizing and supportive. There are so many benefits to cooking and eating together which can only enrich the experience either in your home or in your workplace with others – give it a go!


Lunchtime Adventures Ideas:

  1. Collaborative Cuisine (or a way funkier name for your faculty or department) – each person in your office brings an ingredient and one person per day makes everyone salads utilizing those ingredients.
  2. Family Build-A-Box – steam a little extra, chop a little extra, roast a little extra; buy and prep a little extra of all your separate ingredients for easy lunchbox assembly throughout the week, with enough variety to keep it interesting.
  3. Jar Salads – you’ve seen them before, so just do them! Put your heaviest and wettest ingredients at the bottom so when you turn it onto a plate, it’s already dressed, but not limp or soggy, because eww!
  4. Survival Kit Salads – keep some handy and super convenient, ready-to-go tins and jars of nutrient dense, flavour and texture-rich beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and dukkah. Some emergency tuna in your desk drawer perhaps, for when those pesky meetings run overtime etc. Don’t skip the meal; just make it a little quicker than usual.
  5. Pot Luck Lunch – everyone brings their best dish to share with everyone else, simple is good, but be brave and try something new and, depending on the number of your staff, you could maybe just rotate a roster!

Here’s a few other lunchtime adventures that may inspire you, a trendy, easy Poke Bowl, a gut-loving, turmeric Beef Salad and a super Salmon Salad.


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