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We can call this dish, Hummus with Spiced Lamb, Hummus b’lahmeh or Loaded Hummus. As far as hummus is concerned you can’t go wrong, but you can go even more right, which is what we’ve done here. Whilst it’s more common in Australia for us to treat hummus as a dip to serve with vegetable crackers, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, I stand firm, in other parts of the world it’s a whole meal.  This Hummus with Spiced Lamb is just that, its even more delicious, filling, moreish, fun, and interactive than regular hummus, who would have even thought it was possible.  You can load this with whatever you want, but the spiced, caramelised, gnarly bits of gorgeous mince lamb in this one complimented by the sharp pomegranate and fresh mint is definitely a dang fine place to start!  Give this a go!

My Notes on Lamb Mince

  • Mince lamb is incredibly versatile in terms of cooking methods as well as cuisine style, think of koftas, bolognese, pie filling, hummus topping, rissoles, chili, sausage rolls – the sky is the limit!
  • Mince lamb is budget-friendly, and especially for families, you can make a little go quite far. You can add vegetables and flavouring to bulk it out adding to its nutrition and quantity.
  • For busy families, finished mince dishes freeze quite well, cook in bulk so you can defrost when you’re time-poor!


Free Food

Goat’s Cheese Mousse with Grape

I quite fancy a cheese board! This Goat’s Cheese Mousse with Grape dessert hits just the spot when you’re craving both savoury and sweet!

As always, I love creating modern desserts that have a handful of elements, easy to pair with seasonal produce. For this dessert, the grapes are fabulous both roasted and fresh; their sweetness is complemented by the tangy goat’s cheese or chevre and mellowed by the nutty coffee crumble. But you could just as easily use plums, peaches, pears, berries, figs and more throughout the year. Similarly to the transparent, delicate disc shapes created when cutting grapes, be considerate of the way you prepare your ingredients. Changing the shape or experimenting with how ingredients are cut and prepared, can change the eating experience.  This also allows for a variety of creative plating presentations which can be a lot of fun for you and your guests!

For other easy desserts suitable for sensitive eaters, intolerant tummies check out my Vegan Mousse with Tangelo or my Breakfast for Dessert recipes.


Fast Food

Breakfast for Dessert, or Dessert for Breakfast – You choose!

The best thing about this Breakfast for Dessert Recipe is that you can have each element prepared well in advance. This means that you can have dessert ready in under a minute whenever you feel like. Or perhaps when guests arrive unannounced. It may be after a long dinner, that has moved on to the couch in front of a movie.

The frozen yoghurt can remain in the freezer.  The granola lasts in an airtight container for weeks.  You could easily use frozen berries if fresh berries are unavailable or out of season! The yoghurt and berries have a naturally occurring low sugar content. But because of the other protein and good-fat rich ingredients, this dessert shouldn’t have a disastrous effect on your blood sugars!  

Desserts don’t get much more simple, satisfying, semi-sweet, and most of all minimal-effort, than this Breakfast for Dessert recipe!  I’d love to hear about all your recreations, tag me in your dishes on social media!

Some of you may even all have my Game-Changing Granola sitting in your cupboard, just waiting to be prettied up for this dish!


Family Food, Fancy Food, Fast Food, Fat Foot, Free Food

Vegan Mousse with Tangelo

Vegan Mousse I here you say?! Yes, it’s true! And… with Vegan Jellies too! With a hint or three of citrus and spice and all things nice!

For all you vegans out there, this is for you! For all you non-vegans that think they ‘couldn’t possibly’, you should try this! And for those of you who like to tease, make fun of or laugh at vegans – you should shut your mouth, with this dessert, and swallow hard because everyone deserves dessert!!! Right, let’s get into it!

As per usual, gluten free, grain free and refined sugar-free, this dessert may actually be too good, to be true! For other intolerant friendly desserts check out my Valentine’s Day entry.


Fast Food

A delicious Salmon Salad really does hit the spot.  The good fats in the salmon provide a slow energy release, have a great mouthfeel and really round just about any combination of vegetables together, beautifully.  This may not be the combination of vegetables you most recognise to pair with salmon, so why not give these a go – or any of your favourites for that matter – you’ll get the hang of these adventure lunchtimes in no time!

As a reminder, if you want to connect with your colleagues over a lunch break, make a Salmon Salad together or try out these others.

Lunchtime Adventures Ideas:

  1. Collaborative Cuisine (or a way funkier name for your faculty or department) – each person in your office brings an ingredient and one person per day makes everyone salads utilizing those ingredients.
  2. Family Build-A-Box – steam a little extra, chop a little extra, roast a little extra; buy and prep a little extra of all your separate ingredients for easy lunchbox assembly throughout the week, with enough variety to keep it interesting.
  3. Jar Salads – you’ve seen them before, so just do them! Put your heaviest and wettest ingredients at the bottom so when you turn it onto a plate, it’s already dressed, but not limp or soggy, because eww!
  4. Survival Kit Salads – keep some handy and super convenient, ready-to-go tins and jars of nutrient dense, flavour and texture-rich beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and dukkah. Some emergency tuna in your desk drawer perhaps, for when those pesky meetings run overtime etc. Don’t skip the meal; just make it a little quicker than usual.
  5. Pot Luck Lunch – everyone brings their best dish to share with everyone else, simple is good, but be brave and try something new and, depending on the number of your staff, you could maybe just rotate a roster!

Free Food

Bliss Balls seem to be in jars on almost every healthy café’s bench top near the register for last minute thoughts and quick sales – the healthy upsell. But why don’t you make them yourself and tailor them to your desire and dietary requirements? These super-spheres of strength and sustenance are portable, convenient, and significantly satisfying. At this time of year, let’s call them Bliss Baubles and match(a) their colour and flavour to the season’s theme. Let’s try Red Berry Bliss, Matcha Pistachio greenies and some chocolate spiced Christmas Pudding Balls. The method is the same for all of these recipes, so it’s only the ingredients you need to play and experiment with, to get your ultimate snack sorted!


Fancy Food

Depending on where you’re from, will potentially determine your opinion on the origin of the pavlova. Personally, I love that this dessert is so delicious and such a crowd favourite, that there is an ongoing debate; because everyone wants to claim it as their own, everyone wants to take the credit. A favourite in my house is keeping it super simple with a mountain of fresh, blushing berries on top of that crumbly framed, marshmallowy base.

But, being so rich in sugar it is definitely a sometimes food rather than an everyday staple. But, if we were to make it a bit better for us, maybe it could be a slightly more regular dessert on offer?! Like if we were making it sugar-free, perhaps! Boo to all you naysayers, it can be done! So here are two recipes for you, a favourite of mine infused with lemon myrtle for a slightly more Australian version. The second, a sugar-free base, which sure, doesn’t have an identical texture, but it’s pretty close and is definitely more inclusive to our party guests who don’t want or need that sugar spike.

You can decorate with sunshine warm, yellow bright, mango flesh atop its creamy whipped, best friend. There’s just something so special about fresh summer fruit with billowy clouds of pure white cream that is just so satisfying. Weiss bars successfully captured evoking childhood memories with this sensational combination. For extra crunch and a toasty depth of flavour, sprinkle over some macadamia nuts, a contributor to our country’s most lucrative horticultural exports. For a fresh, eye-popping, textural explosion, add some fruity, natural, finger lime caviar. These are available in a most spectacular rainbow of colours, more variation than any other citrus, just gorgeous. Stone fruit a summer favourite and pair beautifully with the mango. Or keep it year-round friendly by sprinkling over your favourite frozen berries!

Wherever you’re from, make this wonderful dessert your own, your way, with your favourite ingredients. Kiwifruit, strawberries, passionfruit are all brilliant classics, but why don’t you give my new look pavlovas a go, they are awesome.


Fast Food

Who doesn’t love stuffing?! Well here’s a little tip to help take you one step closer to having yummy stuffing almost ready in an instant, well, on standby at least. I’m talking about my Stuffing Starter. An easy layered mix of herbs, nuts, and spices to keep in a jar or give away as a gift that only needs combining with a handful of other wet ingredients to the next fragrant and flavourful level! As if stuffing wasn’t yummy enough already, you can eat this as is, stuff or roll your choice of roast meat, or make one of the best inventions I’ve experienced in the last year, Stuffins! Easy recipe below, make it your own by flavouring it with your favourites ingredients, as always.


Family Food

I’m quite a fan of muesli, cereal or granola, on occasion. I don’t feel like it for months then all of a sudden I could eat it every day for four weeks.

But like you probably all know, there’s stacks on the market that are full of empty, junk carbs, loaded with sugar and so minimal in nutrient content they might actually be extracting it from us upon consumption. Not good!

But it doesn’t have to be like that, take control, have some fun and enjoy your cereal time with celebration and vigour because it’s full of nutrient-rich vitality and slowly releasing energy in the form of goods fats and proteins, to maintain your blood sugar levels. This is not a dish that will leave you feeling hangry! It’s great quality, so in general, you’re more satiated and desire less.

This granola is game-changing and you can make it!!! You can even gift it in beautiful glass jars or paper bags, so the recipients know it’s bespoke, special, homemade and just a little bit trendy. You’ll be printing your own branded labels and setting up a roadside community stand in no time! Get around this granola, get it into you and give it away! Let me know how you go!


Family Food, Free Food

I love my Nan, I miss my Nan, and she was the greatest.

I have a lot of food memories shared with Nan and they all are thoroughly saturated with her kindness and gentleness.  So saturated that if I wring them out, even a little, joyful tears well in my eyes, enough to fill an ocean if I let them.

My Nan was an incredible family cook; the wife of a butcher and four hungry children, there was always lots of food and generosity wherever she was. 

My Dad has told me stories about her baking six large apple pies ready Saturday at 4 pm, and the three older boys would devour them by the Sunday evening. 

She had a big chest freezer when I was a kid that her canaries sat on top of; you had to move the cage to get in. The contents included the old 1L Blue Ribbon vanilla ice-cream container, which was a rare treat from my usual sugar-free ice-confection; my clever Mum could recognise very early on I had an issue with sugar. It was always stocked, full of par-cooked meals ready to heat up for family and friends visiting. I often got to help with whatever she was batch cooking, which I adored.

But some of my most favourite moments with Nan were the more intimate ones, the ones between just her and I.  I cherish those moments especially. Soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers were often on the menu when I would sleep over. I remember the muted apple green ceramic plates with deep-ridged edging, the tiny teaspoons a perfect fit for my tiny mouth – I still take great joy using her cutlery today. How did she make toast cut into long rectangles seem so magical, fun and just for me? Their vague soldier-like appearance conjured up imagery of The Queen’s Guard with their big fluffy hats. I guess they almost created a rectangular silhouette if you squinted your eyes. A fitting image seeing as I always thought my Nan and the Queen shared similarities in appearance as well as poise and grace.

I never had a problem with eating, and I wasn’t particularly fussy so the entertainment provided wasn’t to encourage me to ‘eat my greens’ so to speak. It was pure joyful interaction, for fun, with love.

I don’t have it once a week these days, but I cannot have soft-boiled eggs in cute little cups and toast, without cutting it into soldiers and enjoy a good old dip.

There are lots of methods for boiling eggs just the way you like them. My preference is for soft boiled and I choose the method, which has the least variables, therefore most consistent result. I don’t say at room temperature for no reason, this is one of the variables you regain control of because each fridge and location they’re kept can be different. 

If you’re a fridge-egg-keeper, take them out earlier than you need them. I’d recommend where possible getting your eggs from friends’ chickens or farmer’s markets where you know they’re pastured and free to open range – the fresher the better. 

Fresh eggs are easier to peel. Plunging the room temp eggs into boiling water then dropping them in cold and bringing them to the boil also helps shock the internals away from the membrane and shell, making them again, easier to peel. Check it out below:


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