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Family Food, Fancy Food, Fast Food, Fat Foot

We can call this dish, Hummus with Spiced Lamb, Hummus b’lahmeh or Loaded Hummus. As far as hummus is concerned you can’t go wrong, but you can go even more right, which is what we’ve done here. Whilst it’s more common in Australia for us to treat hummus as a dip to serve with vegetable crackers, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, I stand firm, in other parts of the world it’s a whole meal.  This Hummus with Spiced Lamb is just that, its even more delicious, filling, moreish, fun, and interactive than regular hummus, who would have even thought it was possible.  You can load this with whatever you want, but the spiced, caramelised, gnarly bits of gorgeous mince lamb in this one complimented by the sharp pomegranate and fresh mint is definitely a dang fine place to start!  Give this a go!

My Notes on Lamb Mince

  • Mince lamb is incredibly versatile in terms of cooking methods as well as cuisine style, think of koftas, bolognese, pie filling, hummus topping, rissoles, chili, sausage rolls – the sky is the limit!
  • Mince lamb is budget-friendly, and especially for families, you can make a little go quite far. You can add vegetables and flavouring to bulk it out adding to its nutrition and quantity.
  • For busy families, finished mince dishes freeze quite well, cook in bulk so you can defrost when you’re time-poor!


My Sate Kambing is a tribute to the Indonesian Lamb Satay dish but with fewer ingredients, less skill required and reduced preparation time.  Therefore my Sate Kambing is delightful family-friendly food, perfectly suited to mid-week cooking.  You can have restaurant quality food in your home, on your dining table in under 30minutes and without the cost, shame, guilt that can be attached to ordering delivery food, which can be expensive, with unknown ingredients and often not as healthy.

I chose lamb forequarter chops for this recipe as they are super budget-friendly, convenient to cook, require minimal preparation and are super delicious.  Here are some other reasons I love this cut of Australian Lamb:

My Notes on Forequarter Chops

  • Forequarter chops are affordable, tasty, quick, convenient, robust and adaptable to many cooking methods.
  • Lamb forequarter chops can accept good marinating overnight, or cook quickly and simply with a bit of olive oil and salt over medium-high heat for five minutes per side. 
  • These chops are one of my favourite cuts; I always have some in the freezer for back up quick meals.
  • Lamb forequarter chops have a good amount of fat, a small bone for cooking both providing extra flavour. This robust cut can be utilised for a low and slow, cooked stew, or a quick high heat barbecue.


My Pesto Lamb Caprese Pizza makes gourmet cooking way too easy.  With only a few ingredients and a hot oven, this lamb pizza could be on your table in 15minutes, and into your belly shortly after that.  Now I know I’ve provided a pesto recipe here, freeze your pesto when basil is in abundance so that you have some of this green liquid gold ready to go for special occasions or in this case a fast mid-week meal. But… if you need to utilise store-bought, get the best you can with the least additives.  What makes this pizza fast cooking is the thinly sliced lamb, lamb doesn’t have to be delegated a spot on your Sunday night roast which preparation could take all day and several hours cooking.  Use a quick cut, slice it thinly, right cut, right technique and you’re eating delicious lamb in no time at all.

My Notes on Lamb Loin or Backstrap

  • Fast and easy cooking, the whole piece can be ready in less than ten minutes seared all sides, rest for five, slice and serve!
  • Very lean, for those concerned with saturated fat consumption, this is the cut of lamb for you.
  • Great to seal all outsides, but leave this one rare to medium-rare, it can be very happily eaten blushing pink in the middle.
  • This can be fried, grilled, barbecued, most fast methods of cooking! This cut of lamb could not be easier to cook!


Family Food, Fast Food, Fat Foot

These Cumin Roasted Lamb Ribs are going to be a fast favourite in your home.  Since I created this recipe a number of friends have made it a number of times, and I’m not even paying them to do so; they’re just that easy, that delicious and that repeatable.

First of all they don’t take very long lamb ribs can cook a lot quicker than other on-the-bone cuts of meat, secondly there is a lot of flavour fast with this recipe utilising high temp roasting and delicious cumin as the main spice, make these extra tasty.  If you can’t immediately find ribs available to you, definitely ask your butcher, they’re often less expensive than other cuts which is a great bonus.  If you haven’t tried lamb ribs before, this is a recipe to let them shine for minimum technique, expense, and effort – what more do you want from a fast dinner dish?!

My Notes on Lamb Ribs

  • This cut of meat makes for very tasty on-the-bone cooking!
  • Unlike other meats, lamb ribs can cook quite quickly, to a very tasty and pleasing standard!
  • Lamb ribs can work with low and slow, or fast high heat cooking – so versatile. 
  • Lamb ribs can accept a lot of flavour from dry spices, wet marinades, and slow cooking, complimenting a variety of cuisines.
  • One of the best bits – there’s no cutlery required- midweek mojo at its finest with finger food!!!


Fast Food, Free Food

A green bowl of lunchtime adventure goodness! This green bowl is crunchy and soft, salty and sweet, energizing and calming, monochromatic but a rainbow of nutrients – oh yeah! It’s got everything! This green bowl has just the right amount of complementary ingredients for fabulous satisfaction, satiety and totally worthy of a great big healthy pat on the back after consumption. (Speaking of pats-on-the-back, one of my teachers used to say, “You want a pat on the back? Hang on, let me just go get a cow…” Cheers, sir, feeling so acknowledged right now… come to think of it, that’s probably a big ol’ bowl of green too – we love our grass-fed cows… but let’s not go there…)


While this bowl is a great option for all my vegan and vegetarian friends, the awesome fats in the avocado make it filling, enjoyable and sustaining for non-vegos alike – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it my meat-loving-mates. If it’s really ‘not enough’ or as an individual, you’re requiring even more protein and/or energy, you could absolutely add some salmon or chicken to this, which would team up very nicely!


Breakfast and, more specifically brunch, is one of my favourite meals to share with others. It reminds me of being on holiday, a slow start to the day celebrated with delicious decadence before a day of adventure and exploration. Nothing more decadent and delicious than freshly prepared chilaquiles. Furthermore, I associate holidays with travel and I love to experience what ‘brunch’ is to other cultures, regions, and countries, that’s where this recipe comes in. My first experience of chilaquiles was in California with my cousins; I love a Mexican feast before getting on the plane back to Australia, fresh, clean food with a bit of bite yet, oh-so-comforting – with no upset tummy for the 14hours ‘locked up’ in the air. I was determined to recreate this dish, adding my favourite flavours and ingredients. One of the best things about chilaquiles is that it utilises leftovers, which is right up my alley. Traditionally, chilaquiles makes use of leftover tortillas and salsa, and carnitas simply means ‘little meats’, it is usually prepared by braising or simmering pork until it can be pulled apart – how mouthwatering. My one-pan chilaquiles, carnitas also makes for acceptable consumption of Mexican food before midday! In the interest of keeping things quick and relaxed in the morning, I’ve made this one a little more straightforward and kept it all in the one pan – less washing up too, more time to enjoy family, friends and holiday time. You can bake the eggs into it at the last minute, or you could fry eggs separately to serve on top, whichever is better for you. I love brunch and who’s to say we can’t enjoy brunch any time of the day? Let’s start a brunch-meeting revolution, and insist on discussing serious matters only when our minds, bodies and souls are wholly nourished and can cope with big decision making. In fact, you can make this dish whenever you have significant decisions to make; you’ll do a much better job of making said decisions if you are comforted and full of Mexican flavours, I just know it. Whatever I am cooking I always like to make sure my dishes are balanced texturally, with flavour and of course, nutritionally. This recipe contains some of nature’s finest nutritional goodness. Avocados, full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, helping to lower our cholesterol. Black beans are abundant in fiber, potassium and vitamin B6. Don’t forget the eggs, rich in quality protein, vitamin D and minerals. I love eggs so much I’ve written a whole blog dedicated to them, keep an eye out for that coming soon. You can enjoy pulled pork over the weekend, then prepare this unbelievably delicious, Mexican brunchy feast packed with nutrition and flavour the very next day! One pan chilaquiles sounds like a pretty perfect use of leftovers to me.

Free Food

Goat’s Cheese Mousse with Grape

I quite fancy a cheese board! This Goat’s Cheese Mousse with Grape dessert hits just the spot when you’re craving both savoury and sweet!

As always, I love creating modern desserts that have a handful of elements, easy to pair with seasonal produce. For this dessert, the grapes are fabulous both roasted and fresh; their sweetness is complemented by the tangy goat’s cheese or chevre and mellowed by the nutty coffee crumble. But you could just as easily use plums, peaches, pears, berries, figs and more throughout the year. Similarly to the transparent, delicate disc shapes created when cutting grapes, be considerate of the way you prepare your ingredients. Changing the shape or experimenting with how ingredients are cut and prepared, can change the eating experience.  This also allows for a variety of creative plating presentations which can be a lot of fun for you and your guests!

For other easy desserts suitable for sensitive eaters, intolerant tummies check out my Vegan Mousse with Tangelo or my Breakfast for Dessert recipes.


Fast Food

Breakfast for Dessert, or Dessert for Breakfast – You choose!

The best thing about this Breakfast for Dessert Recipe is that you can have each element prepared well in advance. This means that you can have dessert ready in under a minute whenever you feel like. Or perhaps when guests arrive unannounced. It may be after a long dinner, that has moved on to the couch in front of a movie.

The frozen yoghurt can remain in the freezer.  The granola lasts in an airtight container for weeks.  You could easily use frozen berries if fresh berries are unavailable or out of season! The yoghurt and berries have a naturally occurring low sugar content. But because of the other protein and good-fat rich ingredients, this dessert shouldn’t have a disastrous effect on your blood sugars!  

Desserts don’t get much more simple, satisfying, semi-sweet, and most of all minimal-effort, than this Breakfast for Dessert recipe!  I’d love to hear about all your recreations, tag me in your dishes on social media!

Some of you may even all have my Game-Changing Granola sitting in your cupboard, just waiting to be prettied up for this dish!


Family Food, Fancy Food, Fast Food, Fat Foot, Free Food

Vegan Mousse with Tangelo

Vegan Mousse I here you say?! Yes, it’s true! And… with Vegan Jellies too! With a hint or three of citrus and spice and all things nice!

For all you vegans out there, this is for you! For all you non-vegans that think they ‘couldn’t possibly’, you should try this! And for those of you who like to tease, make fun of or laugh at vegans – you should shut your mouth, with this dessert, and swallow hard because everyone deserves dessert!!! Right, let’s get into it!

As per usual, gluten free, grain free and refined sugar-free, this dessert may actually be too good, to be true! For other intolerant friendly desserts check out my Valentine’s Day entry.


Fast Food
This Beef Salad celebrates a selection of leftovers, quickly cut up fresh ingredients and some fermented or pickled pops of flavour and goodness. You can easily create this beef salad, just like me, in under a minute, when you’re well prepared!  Who doesn’t love steak and salad? But it can be a little heavy on the portion size at the local pub.  This beef salad is a more appropriate serving size, packed full of flavour and nutrient dense, so you need and feel like less, naturally. Fast food never tasted so good!  In fact, you don’t even have to get into a car, place an order for this one – its faster than that!  The best part is, an hour after eating this one, you don’t crave more or hit a slump – you’re energised to keep going, you’re satiated and feeling fabulous!  

For more lunch inspiration check out my Lunchtime Adventures!


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