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Fast Food, Free Food

A green bowl of lunchtime adventure goodness! This green bowl is crunchy and soft, salty and sweet, energizing and calming, monochromatic but a rainbow of nutrients – oh yeah! It’s got everything! This green bowl has just the right amount of complementary ingredients for fabulous satisfaction, satiety and totally worthy of a great big healthy pat on the back after consumption. (Speaking of pats-on-the-back, one of my teachers used to say, “You want a pat on the back? Hang on, let me just go get a cow…” Cheers, sir, feeling so acknowledged right now… come to think of it, that’s probably a big ol’ bowl of green too – we love our grass-fed cows… but let’s not go there…)


While this bowl is a great option for all my vegan and vegetarian friends, the awesome fats in the avocado make it filling, enjoyable and sustaining for non-vegos alike – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it my meat-loving-mates. If it’s really ‘not enough’ or as an individual, you’re requiring even more protein and/or energy, you could absolutely add some salmon or chicken to this, which would team up very nicely!


Free Food

Goat’s Cheese Mousse with Grape

I quite fancy a cheese board! This Goat’s Cheese Mousse with Grape dessert hits just the spot when you’re craving both savoury and sweet!

As always, I love creating modern desserts that have a handful of elements, easy to pair with seasonal produce. For this dessert, the grapes are fabulous both roasted and fresh; their sweetness is complemented by the tangy goat’s cheese or chevre and mellowed by the nutty coffee crumble. But you could just as easily use plums, peaches, pears, berries, figs and more throughout the year. Similarly to the transparent, delicate disc shapes created when cutting grapes, be considerate of the way you prepare your ingredients. Changing the shape or experimenting with how ingredients are cut and prepared, can change the eating experience.  This also allows for a variety of creative plating presentations which can be a lot of fun for you and your guests!

For other easy desserts suitable for sensitive eaters, intolerant tummies check out my Vegan Mousse with Tangelo or my Breakfast for Dessert recipes.


Family Food, Fancy Food, Fast Food, Fat Foot, Free Food

Vegan Mousse with Tangelo

Vegan Mousse I here you say?! Yes, it’s true! And… with Vegan Jellies too! With a hint or three of citrus and spice and all things nice!

For all you vegans out there, this is for you! For all you non-vegans that think they ‘couldn’t possibly’, you should try this! And for those of you who like to tease, make fun of or laugh at vegans – you should shut your mouth, with this dessert, and swallow hard because everyone deserves dessert!!! Right, let’s get into it!

As per usual, gluten free, grain free and refined sugar-free, this dessert may actually be too good, to be true! For other intolerant friendly desserts check out my Valentine’s Day entry.


Free Food

Bliss Balls seem to be in jars on almost every healthy café’s bench top near the register for last minute thoughts and quick sales – the healthy upsell. But why don’t you make them yourself and tailor them to your desire and dietary requirements? These super-spheres of strength and sustenance are portable, convenient, and significantly satisfying. At this time of year, let’s call them Bliss Baubles and match(a) their colour and flavour to the season’s theme. Let’s try Red Berry Bliss, Matcha Pistachio greenies and some chocolate spiced Christmas Pudding Balls. The method is the same for all of these recipes, so it’s only the ingredients you need to play and experiment with, to get your ultimate snack sorted!


Free Food

I’ve cooked this Choc Banana Bread recipe several times consistently but trying it in another oven, I needed to lower the temperature and increase the time to ensure the inside had enough time to catch up to the quick browning outside.  

Banana sweetness, ripeness, and size can vary which can change the outcome. This recipe is also a good one for substitute ingredients; lots of swap outs are available as below!


Free Food

Food, sharing a meal, cooking a feast for friends…

It has always been about creating community, relationships, experiences, and memories. It is such a fundamental part of our social lives, that it forces us to compromise our own physical health. All of us have at some point struggled to find the right balance between food and its impact on our wellbeing.

Food should overwhelm the senses, it should inspire, and it should form connections between people. Most importantly it should make you feel nourished, and no matter where you are in the world, it should be able to do all this in an ethically responsible manner. Food needs to be good for the mind, body, soul, and planet.

For me, whether it’s fine-dining or home-cooking, food always needs to be visually appealing; this is probably the artist in me. You eat first with your eyes, and I’m not just talking about making your followers jealous on Instagram. Food is another form of artistic expression, and this will always be a heavy influencer on the kind of cooking you will find here.

Finally, despite winning just about every CWA cake competition through out high school, I have never been much of a sweet tooth. Pastry is exciting for all my artistic sensibilities, but in the end I will always order and create a dish or experience all about the umami.

An easy way to boost the savoury notes and avoid additional sugars is the use of herbs and spices. I always have a jar of dukkah on hand, which makes the simplest combination of vegetables etc super tasty and a little interesting.  Here’s one of my recipes for the one I make most often. Sprinkle over just about anything, including your breakie smashed avo – yum!


Family Food, Free Food

I love my Nan, I miss my Nan, and she was the greatest.

I have a lot of food memories shared with Nan and they all are thoroughly saturated with her kindness and gentleness.  So saturated that if I wring them out, even a little, joyful tears well in my eyes, enough to fill an ocean if I let them.

My Nan was an incredible family cook; the wife of a butcher and four hungry children, there was always lots of food and generosity wherever she was. 

My Dad has told me stories about her baking six large apple pies ready Saturday at 4 pm, and the three older boys would devour them by the Sunday evening. 

She had a big chest freezer when I was a kid that her canaries sat on top of; you had to move the cage to get in. The contents included the old 1L Blue Ribbon vanilla ice-cream container, which was a rare treat from my usual sugar-free ice-confection; my clever Mum could recognise very early on I had an issue with sugar. It was always stocked, full of par-cooked meals ready to heat up for family and friends visiting. I often got to help with whatever she was batch cooking, which I adored.

But some of my most favourite moments with Nan were the more intimate ones, the ones between just her and I.  I cherish those moments especially. Soft-boiled eggs with toast soldiers were often on the menu when I would sleep over. I remember the muted apple green ceramic plates with deep-ridged edging, the tiny teaspoons a perfect fit for my tiny mouth – I still take great joy using her cutlery today. How did she make toast cut into long rectangles seem so magical, fun and just for me? Their vague soldier-like appearance conjured up imagery of The Queen’s Guard with their big fluffy hats. I guess they almost created a rectangular silhouette if you squinted your eyes. A fitting image seeing as I always thought my Nan and the Queen shared similarities in appearance as well as poise and grace.

I never had a problem with eating, and I wasn’t particularly fussy so the entertainment provided wasn’t to encourage me to ‘eat my greens’ so to speak. It was pure joyful interaction, for fun, with love.

I don’t have it once a week these days, but I cannot have soft-boiled eggs in cute little cups and toast, without cutting it into soldiers and enjoy a good old dip.

There are lots of methods for boiling eggs just the way you like them. My preference is for soft boiled and I choose the method, which has the least variables, therefore most consistent result. I don’t say at room temperature for no reason, this is one of the variables you regain control of because each fridge and location they’re kept can be different. 

If you’re a fridge-egg-keeper, take them out earlier than you need them. I’d recommend where possible getting your eggs from friends’ chickens or farmer’s markets where you know they’re pastured and free to open range – the fresher the better. 

Fresh eggs are easier to peel. Plunging the room temp eggs into boiling water then dropping them in cold and bringing them to the boil also helps shock the internals away from the membrane and shell, making them again, easier to peel. Check it out below:


Free Food

Being gluten free and watching my sugar in-take too (an unfortunate consequence of being insulin resistant), I thought I would share with you an undeniable food staple, something most of us hate to love and definitely something that needs to be a free food for me….Bread. 

I don’t eat a huge amount of bread, but to have the option on hand is convenient. I keep mine in the freezer to prolong its longevity and to allow for my intermittent toast cravings.

Here’s a favourite bread recipe of mine, of which there are several easy variations depending on your personal preference.  It doesn’t require kneading or proving; it’s filling, satisfying and above all it’s delicious!


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